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Romulus has landed itself in the news on more than a few occasions because of its massive number of traffic tickets that the Romulus Police Department issue on I-94, I-275 and the roadways around Detroit Metro Airport.  This seems to have tapered off recently with a new mayor, but traffic offenses in Romulus are still extremely common.

If you plead responsible to a Romulus traffic violation, you are admitting guilt, and you will face consequences with your insurance company.  You will make it more difficult to negotiate minor traffic offenses in the future.  Every day in Michigan, thousands of people pay for traffic tickets that could be challenged or negotiated with the prosecutor. Even if you plead "responsible with an explanation," your insurance will take a huge hit, and the Secretary of State may impose hefty "driver responsibility fees."  Do not ever plead responsible to a speeding ticket or other traffic violation with an explanation.  An explanation is nearly pointless and a waste of time.  Even if the Romulus judge feels sympathy, fines and costs are set by a traffic fine schedule, and it is extremely unusual for the Romulus court judge to deviate from that civil infraction schedule.  Although the judge honestly cares about your explanation, the explanation does you ZERO good in the end. 

You need to understand that challenging a traffic ticket is very common, and there is no shame in it whatsoever.  Nice police officers recommend that you challenge tickets, even while the officer writes the ticket.  There is a traffic ticket quota in most jurisdictions, but police departments do not call them quotas.  Nonetheless, traffic police are required to write Michigan traffic citations, and a failure to write enough tickets will reflect poorly in a "performance standard review."  This is especially true whenever the federal government provides grant money to the local police under the auspices of a National Highway Traffic Safety Association grant, such as seat belt enforcement and drunk driving enforcement around the holidays.  The Romulus Police Department must report traffic stops and traffic citations whenever the department received federal grant money because NHTSA wants confirmation that its money is being properly allocated. More tickets equals more grant money in the future.  No tickets risks grant funding.  And yes, this is sinister, but the local police cannot be blamed for a questionable federal policy because the local police need the funding. 

Here is the real gist:  Motorists who hire a lawyer face significantly lower penalties. Drivers who pay their tickets without hiring a lawyer will quickly discover that they have made a grave mistake. These motorists face increased automobile insurance premiums, and they may be summoned for a driver's license review before the Michigan Secretary of State. At a Secretary of State review hearing, lawyers charge significantly more to represent the motorist, and there are no guarantees at a Secretary of State hearing that will ensure continued driving privileges.

Trial court judges do not take any offense when a clearly guilty person contests a traffic ticket because it is exceptionally rare for the matter to proceed to a formal hearing where the officer's credibility is called into question.  Hearings are actually very rare.  An experienced Romulus traffic ticket lawyer can usually negotiate a fine with no points and no abstract on the driver's record. Do NOT pass up on the opportunity to keep your insurance premiums down based upon your lack of familiarity with the Michigan court process. Experienced Romulus speeding ticket lawyers routinely challenge cases and get great results for their clients.