Submit Your 34th District Court Traffic Ticket Online for Representation by Attorney William Maze

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I understand that I am paying a flat rate of $    250.00   to Attorney William Maze for representation on a civil infraction speeding ticket in the 34th District Court in Romulus, Michigan. I understand that William Maze provides a money back guarantee on these tickets in that, if he is unable to get the ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation that does not appear on my driving record abstract, Mr. Maze will refund the $250.00 attorney fee. I understand that this money back guarantee does not extend to more serious civil infractions, such as accidents or careless driving tickets, or tickets that contain the code, "WM" which are prosecuted by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. I understand that I am responsible for all court costs and fines payable to the 34th District Court, and these fines must be paid shortly after resolution of the case by Mr. Maze or else the Court might reinstate the original charges. Mr. Maze estimates that these will be approximately $200 per civil infraction appearing on my ticket, but I understand that he does not guarantee that amount, which could be higher. I also understand that, between attorney fees for representation and the court fines and costs, I will pay more than the original fine associated with the cost of the original ticket, but I hope to receive the benefit of 1) keeping this ticket off of my driving record to keep my insurance premiums lower than if the ticket had been paid and abstracted to my driving record, and / or 2) that I will also benefit in that I will not be required to appear at the hearing. 

I understand that after submitting this information, I will be directed to a page that requires payment via Paypal, and I agree to pay $250.00 towards attorney fees immediately. I undertstand that there is no agreement and Mr. Maze will not represent me until that sum is paid in full. 

Finally, I also understand and agree that, if I am submitting a traffic citation that contains criminal misdemeanor charges, the above terms and conditions do not apply, and there is no agreement with Mr. Maze. I understand that there is no guarantee on criminal charges, ever. I understand that, if I inadvertently submit a ticket that contains criminal charges, Mr. Maze will attempt to contact me to discuss criminal representation, which may be significantly more expensive, and that he does not agree that he will represent me on those criminal charges since an attorney client agreement will be required for criminal representation.