Guaranteed results on all Romulus, Van Buren, Belleville, New Boston and Sumpter Township Michigan speeding tickets in the 34th District Court or your money back!

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I have been an attorney serving the Romulus, Belleville, Van Buren Township, Sumpter Township, and New Boston Michigan area for nearly 20 years. I opened my first law office in Romulus and have maintained that office since 1997, which is located at 37211 Goddard Road, Romulus, Michigan 48174. I am one of Michigan's leading criminal defense attorneys, and you can place your confidence in my services.

I am confident in my abilities, and I regularly encourage client reviews on AVVO. Read them here: Top Rank Lawyer in Romulus Michigan

I handle very serious criminal cases, including both felonies as well as misdemeanor charges. I have a national reputation in drunk driving defense as one of the best DUI lawyers in the Midwest. I would never guarantee a result on a criminal case. An attorney cannot guarantee a result on a criminal case. It is unethical and, frankly, a bad idea.

I also handle simple speeding tickets and other traffic matters in the 34th District Court. These civil infraction tickets are civil in nature, and I have a lot of experience handling Romulus speeding tickets. On these cases, because they are civil and I already know the result I can obtain for you, I can guarantee results by providing a money back guarantee.

If you have received a traffic ticket near Romulus, Belleville, Van Buren Township, Sumpter Township, New Boston Michigan or near Detroit Metro Airport, I can waive your appearance and work out a resolution with the local prosecutor. I charge $250.00 flat for this service. In addition to what you pay me, you will pay fines to the 34th District Court in Romulus, Michigan. These fines range from $165.00 to $240.00. You will keep the ticket off your driving record, save points, and keep a lower insurance premium by keeping the ticket off of your automobile insurance as a non-abstractable offense.

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Traffic Ticket Guarantee

If you are charged with a routine speeding ticket or other minor traffic offense* in Romulus, Belleville, Van Buren Township, Sumpter Township, New Boston Michigan or near Detroit Metro Airport where you are required to appear in the 34th District Court in Romulus, Michigan, I will charge you a flat rate of $250.00 to handle the matter.

I will file an appearance upon receipt of your funds and a copy of your traffic ticket, which you can fax to (734) 591-0101 or text a photo to my cell at (734) 740-1900. You may feel free to call or text my cell phone at any time.

I will appear in court on your behalf as your attorney. You do not need to appear for minor traffic offenses so long as I have your consent to enter a resolution. I will negotiate a resolution to your case that results in a non-abstractable ticket that results in no record and no points.

I will inform you of the fine assessed by the court by calling, texting, or emailing you, and you will pay the fine promptly with the court by calling (855) 461-9813 or online at 34th District Court Ticket - Pay Online. Fines range from $165.00 to $240.00, but I do not guarantee the amount assessed by the court.

If I cannot get you a non-abstractable ticket that results in no record and no points for you, I will give a 100% refund of the $250.00 that you paid to me. I have a 100% satisfaction rating and have never had to return my fee!

*The guarantee does not include tickets that include the code "WM" which signifies a state prosecution case. It also does not include more serious traffic offenses such as careless driving or failure to stop within an assured clear distance, even though these matters qualify as civil infractions. Commercial drivers and trucking companies may be required to pay a larger fee, and overweight tickets carry a significantly steeper penalty.

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