Wayne County Child Support Lawyer

Calculation of Child Support

Our experienced child support lawyers and staff are qualified to assist you in all matters relating to a Wayne County child support case. If you have a pending Wayne County divorce or Wayne County child support case, Attorney Todd Barron can accurately calculate the amount of child support that should be ordered in your case. As an experienced child support lawyer, Mr. Barron knows that the Wayne County Friend of the Court occasionally orders child support in an amount that does not accurately reflect the income of the parties. As such, you may be entitled to an increase or decrease in your child support payments based upon miscalculations.

Collection and Enforcement of Child Support

If you are owed a significant amount of child support and the Wayne County Friend of the Court has been slow or unsuccessful in its efforts to enforce an existing child support order, Mr. Barron is an experienced Wayne County family attorney that knows how to locate and seize assets and file motions to employ the Court’s contempt powers and motions to compel payment of child support. If your child support obligations are not being met, Mr. Barron can help in a timely, effective manner. An experienced Wayne County child support lawyer is able to pursue these matters much more quickly than an individual or the overwhelmed Wayne County Friend of the Court, and we offer a variety of payment options in these collection matters, including contingency fee arrangements.

Wayne County Child Support Show Cause Contempt Proceedings

Mr. Barron regularly attends Wayne County FOC show cause hearings for failure to pay child support. He appears on behalf of the payor and payee. If you are faced with contempt proceedings for failing to pay child support, you may be incarcerated for nonpayment, and you might ultimately face felony nonsupport criminal charges. We can defend you in order to give you the second chance that you need, and we may be able to reduce the amount of your child support obligation.

If you need the services of experienced family law attorney in Romulus or elsewhere in Wayne County, please call our office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem will not fix it! The sooner you address a Wayne County FOC issue, the better. You may be entitled to retroactive relief to the date of filing, so you are encouraged to act quickly with any Wayne County Friend of the Court action.